The only investment conference
for boutique hotels.

And of course it's hosted by BLLA. 


Discerning entrepreneurs looking to make an impression in the hospitality marketplace are wise to invest in boutique properties.

Investments can take many forms and shapes. From new construction, to renovating dated properties or even joining a partnership of investors, the possibilities are wide and varied.

Those savvy in business will recognize that this special sector of hospitality requires an intense understanding of the investment landscape. Developers must be armed with facts, figures and a compelling presentation for potential investors, lenders or equity partners.

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Unified by a love for boutique.

Join us while noteworthy players in the boutique & lifestyle sector share their insights as panelists and keynote speakers. Connect with like-minded individuals, creating a network for information and support. Through this event, you will be given the tools to maneuver the complex, but exciting world of boutique hotels.

Connecting through the belief that boutique will always flourish.

It's no secret that boutique has become the jackpot- we were on that 10 years ago. But the next biggest question is
how do we grow?