Next Gen Boutique - The Technologies Pushing Boutique Into the Future There aren’t many industries that move faster than hospitality, especially when focued on independent, boutique and lifestyle businesses. Technology makes the short list of exceptions. The relationship between tech and hospitality is a dynamic one, needing constant examination. How does tech shape the habits and preferences of travelers? How does investing in this one area of operations add value to a property? Hailing from every area in hospitality solutions, our panelists join us to examine the above.  Vanessa Ogle, CEO, Enseo Connie Rheams, VP of Hospitality, Beekeeper Robert Stevenson, CEO, KEYPR Mike Kosla, VP Hospitality, LG Electronics Tammy Farley, President, Rainmaker Interviewed by Carolyn Kremins, President, Skift

While its name evokes an air of controversy, the Watergate Hotel is everything a modern luxury hotel aspires to be. Beginning as a playground for the rich and famous, to setting the stage for the biggest scandal in US political history, the Watergate has a long and proven history of impacting culture and storytelling. Rakel and Jacques Cohen of Euro Capital Properties join us to delve deeper into the most (in)famous hotel in existence. Jacques Cohen, Founder, Euro Capital Properties Rakel Cohen, SVP of Design and Development, Euro Capital Properties Interviewed by Andrew Fay, President, The Gettys Group

Culture is a hot topic in many organizations, but an often overlooked element of culture is cultivating a place of financial wellness and clarity. Join moderator Amy Ogden, Senior Vice President at J Public Relations with panelists Shannon McLay, founder of Financial Gym and Siobhan O’Leary, Senior Vice President of People & Culture at Convene. This panel will shine a light on ways you can create a culture of financial wellness within your organization and how that cultural touchpoint can be leveraged for team member growth and retention. Shannon L. McLay, Founder & CEO, The Financial Gym, Inc. Siobhan O'Leary, SVP, People & Culture, Convene Interviewed by Amy Ogden, Senior VP of Brand Development, J Public Relations

A defining characteristic of a boutique hotel is one that encapsulates the beat of the city in which it is located. The hotels, venues, restaurants and eateries in the Menin Hospitality portfolio do just that. South Florida natives themselves, Keith Menin and Jared Galbut weave the energy and sleek elegance Miami is renowned for throughout each of their 15 properties. Maestros of resort style lodging, they’ve recently expanded into the revitalized Chicago hotel scene. Jared Galbut, Managing Principal, Menin Hospitality Keith Menin Principal, Menin Hospitality Interviewed by Lin Dai, CEO & Co-Founder, Hooch

What’s an investment conference without some shop talk? We’ve gathered industry vets to help us navigate the investment landscape as it pertains to the coolest sector in hospitality. What makes for the perfect storm when in the development phase begins? Who are the financiers who truly understand the boutique vertical? Our panelists hail from Davis Hotel Capital, Investment Origination Group and JMBM. Join us to dissect the above and more! Thomas Fuchsman, Vice President at J.P. Morgan Will Obeid, Vice President - Hospitality Investments at Kushner Geoff Davis, Senior Principal, Davis Hotel Capital, Inc. Interviewed by Guy Maisnik, Partner and Vice Chair of Global Hospitality Group, JMBM